A store based on offering the rarest and cleanest garments/goods out there. Our stock is a secret handshake to those who know.
Created in 2016 by pTWO, SECONDOCEANARY is a proxy shop for luxury vintage and new garments and goods. It’s nestled with SECOND OCEAN SECRET STORE concept based in Atlanta, USA. 

The seed for SECONDOCEANARY was planted in the around 2007, a period where pTWO spent half of his time hunting down impossible rare items online and the other half traveling internationally to find the regional exclusives abroad. He would be stopped in the street by strangers and asked “Where did you get that?” on a weekly basis. A decade on, he decided to start passing on those treasures to others and SECONDOCEANARY was born.

SECONDOCEANARY clear point of difference is in its curation. Rather than being limited by definitions of ‘vintage’, SECONDOCEANARY products are picked for their wear-ability and iconic status. Pieces fit neatly within a clothier wardrobe and are selected with current trends in mind, catering to fashion forward shoppers. Browsing our store online, shoppers will typically find standout collectible pieces from JAPAN (think archival MasterMind Japan) next to covetable pieces from the recent past (think 2015 Louis Vuitton x Murakami).

 SECONDOCEANARY functions as a prolific, revolving door of archival gems. Products leave the racks as quickly as they arrive with the most iconic pieces selling out within the minute. Gone are the days of combing through musty vintage shops to find that elusive ‘it’ item. SECONDOCEANARY has streamlined the archive and new shopping experience, allowing shoppers to access a treasure trove of authentic and on-trend designer goods at their convenience, and turn vintage fantasies into reality.

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+ SECONDOCEANARY is part of the SECOND OCEAN SECRET STORE group and was founded in 2016 as a leading-edge buying service and archive.
+ SECONDOCEANARY is a proxy buying service.
+ SECONDOCEANARY is a retail store for new and pre-owned goods.
+ SECONDOCEANARY is an archive.

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